A superior customer support with AI

Elevare your customer service and optimize resources with Enuan Conversational Platform

“By 2020, 25% of customer service and support operations will integrate virtual customer assistant technology across engagement channels, up from less than 2% in 2017“

According to Gartner research

The Future is Now

Provide tailored assistance to your customers in 20+ different languages and assist them through all their favorite channels: Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Telegram, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Live Chat, Phone Calls, SMS


Drive your customer requests to a smart, immediate, multilanguage & 24/7 solution


Know your customers and give them an assistance following their data & preferences offering a superior CX


Understand more than 90% of customer’s requests and provide an super skilled Hybrid Assistance (Bot + Human)


Use Big Data, understand your customer service performance, and take data-driven decisions. Enuan is the cognitive big data analyzer best partner.

Tailored Service with Context Understanding

Interact with customers depending on the context. Customizes & personalizes the interaction dynamically guiding the customer (Channel Used, Happy Customers, Past Experiences, etc.)

Maintain the conversation in the same workflow Customers that switch channels are recognized, and don’t need to provide the same info again

Contextualization: relates current intent with previous intents/concept intents are managed with a context/concept continuity.

10+ Years

Hybrid Assistance Experience


Customers Supported Yearly


Savings per Year

Client Portfolio

End to End Solution


Natural Language Processing

Recognize your customers and understand their intents in all situations and any contact channel, thanks to a sophisticated and powerful learning process; generate immediate impact with easy and fast AI Training


Process Builder

Creating, implementing & training a virtual agent is extremely quick and easy thanks to a powerful visual programming approach


Adaptive Reaction

Integrations with Back-End systems give the possibility to offer a tailored assistance in relation to variable factors, such as channel selected for interaction, customer profile, historical customer interactions


Smart Routing

Ensure superior Customer Experience by selecting, in real time, the best skilled agents for each particular issue, supporting them to perform at their best with Hybrid Technology (Virtual + Human Agent)

Customer Satisfaction

Enuan AI improves the customer journey providing 24/7 superior assistance, tailored support, and smart routing. Reduce friction, increase accuracy, maximize stickiness: Happier customers = improved customer retention = increased sales

Requests Managed
AI Assistance (Virtual Agent)
Hybrid Assistance (Virtual + Human Agent)
Skilled Assistance (Human Agent)