• Contact channels: Live Chat, Mobile App, SMS, Facebook Messenger, Facebook Wall, Telegram, Twitter, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant
  • Zero-cost horizontal channel scalability: after setting up one channel, easy to set up any other platform channel at no extra cost: everything that is already developed, in terms of processes, integration and human agent support is readily available
  • Configurable automatic channel switch: can seamlessly transition a customer from one channel to another (e.g.: customer begins interaction on desktop Live Chat at home, but wishes to continue by mobile on Facebook Messenger while commuting)
  • Seamless recognition of customers during each contact, regardless of which channel engaged (unique customer, recognizes all customer channel endpoints)

AI Machine Learning

  • Intent recognition specialized machine learning engine
  • Fast learning time (500 intents + 50,000 model examples within less than an hour)
  • Fast recognition time (200 request per seconds per core)
  • Potentially up to 12 Million of Simultaneous Requests Managed per Hou
  • +20 Languages Supported

Conversational Engine

Natural language module allows sophisticated and efficient conversation management


Understands the request:

  • Understanding and recovery of potential typos and syntax errors
  • Disambiguation of requests formulating detailed questions
  • Concept/Contextualization: relates current intent with previous intents/concept intents are managed with a context/concept continuity.
  • Customizable entity extractor (e.g. customer code, product ID) with back-end validation
  • Personalizes the interaction with cognitive analysis of customer interaction history (e.g.: if customer requests an update on an order delivery, the virtual agent will respond according to previous interactions as well as CRM information)
  • Coordinates the Human Agent Routing Engine
  • Identifies, manages and signals requests that are not understood

Hybrid Agent Console

  • Ad hoc configurabile web-based client workstations
  • Session identification (pop-up/header) with customer information, e.g.: customer name, contact channel (SMS, Live Chat, etc.), reason for escalation to agent
  • Customer history on all channels throughout all contact history
  • Conditional canned responses, populated with relevant information from the customer session (back-end included)
  • Automatic chat switch (automatically connect to the longest waiting customer amongst those in the system)
  • Ready to use back-end data connectors within console toolbar
  • Room monitoring panel for team leaders
  • Highest level of security for accessing customer information, limited to time necessary (during an operational session), without the necessity of constant access to the entire company database.

Enuan Blockly Visual Programming

  • Blockly is the visual programming tool for creating new automatic processes and editing/configuration of standard processes contained in the library
  • Easy intuitive and fast
  • Uses a native library with 
  • Standard process templates
  • Custom processes by way of extensive native library
  • Customer channel interaction
  • Session data
  • Back-end integration
  • Human engagement
  • Database
  • Reporting/tracking
  • Enuan Intent Library: Utility (+500); Telco  (+800); Travel (+300); Logistic  (+200); Retail  (+130); Banking (+200); Media (+150)

Back-end Integrations

The Enuan platform is independent from CRM systems, since it uses native components for fast integration. Back-end information and transactions are available for automatic processes and to human agents. (after integration)

Integrations Ready to go with : SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, Genesys, Nuance, Shopify, Magento, Freshdesk & more


Real-time reporting is:


  • Data-mart-ready: near real-time update through native ETL (native anonymisation of data if necessary)
  • Dashboard-ready (Enuan Analytics Qlik Engine)
  • Possibility to Customize View and Data for different stakeholders (Ex. CFO: Financial Reports “Savings”, CMO: Outbound Campaigns “ABC Promotion”; COO: Agents Reports “Automated/Hybrid/Human Agent”)