Vertical Approach

Specialized AI for markets and languages, for Enuan each project is a challenge where is important understand Company needs to build the perfect solution following market, language and culture.

Impact on Your Customer Service Costs

Reduce your customer service costs by more than 50%


How optimize your costs and resources with Enuan:

  • Recognize thousands different customer intents (scalable with custom AI training)
  • Process Library with hundreds of ready-to-use processes + Capability to create unlimited custom processes
  • Able to manage Millions conversations per year
  • Host on cloud or premises (AWS, Google, Azure)
  • Turnkey Set-up in 30-60 days

Scale your Customer Service with Hybrid Assistance

Understand more than 90% of customer requests and provide a superior assistance

 Offer a specialized human support only when necessary (<10% of requests) and support human agents to reduce time spent during the requests thru:

  • Direct Calls to CRM, Provisioning, Back End, etc.
  • Canned Answers 
  • Automated Processes (Data Collection)
  • Returning the conversation to the BOT 

* (Human Agents with Enuan Platform spend 78% less time per request)