End to End Platform


Understand Customer Intents

Process Builder

Build Solutions

Smart Learning Process

Machine & Deep Learning

Smart Routing

Hybrid Assistance  (Human + Bot)

AI Analytics

Data Driven Decision

Natural Language Processing

Understand your customers and the context


Capacity to understand > 90% of customer intents.

Keep the conversation in the same workflow

Customers that switch channels are recognized, and don’t need to provide the same info again (e.g., seamless transition of conversation from Messenger to Voice Call)

Context Awareness

  • Understand different ways in which customers may express an intent
  • Recognize typing errors, slang & emoji
  • Interact with customers depending on the channel (Different approach if request is coming from Social Media, Alexa, voice calls)
  • Contextualize also events and past experiences: “Hey Joe, I hope your birthday last Monday was great. Here a special gift for you!”

Easy, intuitive and fast way to Build Processes

While understanding customer intents is of utmost importance, the ability and the time needed to create, implement & train a virtual agent is also extremely important

Process Builder

Enuan Blockly is a web-based visual programming editor for creating and editing automatic processes that allow you to implement very powerful dialog logic in conversational applications

Process Library

Hundreds of ready-to-launch processes that allow your human agents to delegate some tasks or the entire conversation to your Virtual Agent

Smart Learning Process

Easy and Fast machine & deep learning

Usually the learning process of a newly set up Virtual Agent requires time and a skilled IT team. The Enuan Platform is able to generate immediate results with minor effort thanks to a smart learning process

In 4-6 months 80% of Requests no longer need human agents

Immediate Impact & Cost Efficient

Easy Changes & Quick Improvements

Immediately Scalable in 20 Languages & to all Contact

50% Savings in the first year

>60% of Requests Understood after 90 days

Smart Routing with Enuan ART (Agent Ratio Technology)

Provide a superior CX to your customers and support your agents to perform at their best with Agent Ration Technology

Enuan AI is able to:

  • Ensure superior Customer Experience by selecting, in real time, the best skilled agents for each particular issue, supporting them to perform at their best with Hybrid Technology (Virtual + Human Agent)
  • Route to the agent that previously supported a specific customer (with a positive review/rate)
  • Assign priority (skip queue) to a specific session based on the context (e.g.: Complaints, Premium Customer, Influencer, etc.)

In case of customer requests “Not Understood” by your Virtual Agent (<10% with Enuan)
ART SMART ROUTING allows you to create value for your customers routing the request to the most skilled agent for the specific request

AI Analytics

It’s time to use big data, understand your customer service performance, and take data-driven decisions: Enuan is the cognitive big data analyzer’s best partner


A powerful way to collect and analyze your data; Possibility to customize and filter your data with unlimited options.

AI Support

Alpha-testing a Dashboard Virtual Assistant to help you drive decisions using big data about your customers


Set different KPIs for different stakeholders (Customer Service, HR, Finance, Sales, Marketing)

Real time performance & Anomaly detection

Assist Customer Service Managers to immediately understand anomalies, issues and emergencies, and manage resources and agents with data